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Liur Lebah Seteru Kanker Rahim

Dari Majalah Trubus
Thanks Manuka Honey

In mid 2006, I was suffered from colitis. In contrast to typhoid, other than fever that fluctuated, I feel bloated and nauseous, even someday  I had very great vomiting and diarrhea.  After seeing a doctor, the next day I was not still feeling very well, I felt very bloated.  I went back to the doctor, but still not fully recovered.  I still felt  uncomfortable, and also prone to suffer diarrhea.

I'm back and met doctor until three doctors that I visited, I also  had Widal laboratory tests, but still not fully recovered.

Until I finally met  the fourth doctor. Then  my body was becoming better, rather than before, but every day I have to take medicine prescripted by the doctor. Therefore  I became dependent too drug. Then I saw an Manuka Honey ad, and then  I sent an SMS. After receiving an explanation about the functions and benefits of Manuka honey, first of all I decided to try it. But then my body felt better, getting more and more bearable. I feel comfortable with Manuka honey, because my stomach  is the weakest digestive organ that has illness ven before the year 2006's. Now sprue that  used  to appear never reappear again. Thx Manuka Honey.

Mrs. May's experience in Aceh

I am 21 years old and my husband is 36 years. We have been married for 18 months and desired a child but have not received as well. I tried to consume royal jelly from New Zealand after obtaining information from the Internet regarding the efficacy of products in New Zealand. We order these products directly to Jakarta because apparently the product is not yet available in our area. We only need to spend a bottle of royal jelly capsules until I got pregnant.

Mrs May, Aceh
Positive Pregnant After Taking Royal Jelly

I have been married for 4.5 years and at the time I knew manuka honey and royal jelly in New Zealand,  at the moment I am 38 years of age. After obtaining information from an agro-business magazine about the benefits of these products in New Zealand, I tried to contact the distributor who is in Jakarta and I finally bought it and with my husband, we consume these products during the ninth month in a row until I finally got a positive pregnancy.

May Diana, Riau
Experience of Mrs Debby

My name is Debby - A housewife who was waiting for the birth of our first child after waiting for two years.

Here I want to share my experience in consuming Royal Jelly Manuka. I am a convicted difficult to be pregnant because of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome  and should be in therapy programs for the sake of getting baby. After six months of therapy without result, I finally decided to seek a natural alternative. Because  this therapy  force me to drink plenty of affection drug with a specific schedule of days and hours that make me stress, too.

Then I red about Royal Jelly that is great for fertility. But there are so many brands of Royal Jelly in the market. From  many sources of information, I decided to pick Royal Jelly from the New Zealand, because only weather in New Zealand and other factors cause the best yield of Royal Jelly. The most important thing for Royal Jelly is 100% natural, no side effects and does not damage the kidneys such as medication.

I began to consume Royal Jelly Manuka regularly and there are many benefits that I felt, not only menstruation became regular, but my physical condition, which is often ill because of exhaustion to work become well into the fit. Now I'm so rarely sick after spending a bottle of Royal Jelly, and eventually  I was declared pregnant. And from that I could recommend to my best friend is also a difficult pregnancy. And not long after that she's also pregnant.

Thanks to Royal Jelly Manuka which has made our bodies healthy and to  make our dream to become a mother comes true.

Testimonials of Mrs Wawa

We were married in March 1989, accordingly the efforts to get our child have been done, either through doctors, sinshes and body temperature measurements (to determine the fertile time).

In 2006 as usual,  I got routine massage to eliminate migraine headaches and gastritis by Mr. Maning.

Year 2007 at the suggestion of Mr Maning, we started drinking Manuka Honey and Royal Jelly to keep my  stamina fit.

It turns out the best God has planned for us, back from going home in 2007, I got ulcer pain, and then we checked to Mr. Maning. We then were advised to test urine. After the test result is positive (up to 3x).

Hanes was born in Ufa Bhanata RS Hermina dated May 23, 2008 by dr. Ady Sucahyono. So after 19 years of marriage, we just get a son.

We believe it is the grace of God the Creator who gives a healthy body through reflection massage, drink honey Manuka and Royal Jelly.

Hopefully, this article may help couples who have not given the child to still enjoy life with sincere, thankful and happy.

Mrs Wawa
Get full stamina and I'm Pregnant

Manuka honey, At first I knew it from a friend of mine. She says honey is good for stamina. As an employee at a private company, I often have to work until evening. When I arrived at home I often feel very exhausted. My husband, Rozi Fachrur who works at an automotive company, also often exhausted.

After routinely taking Manuka honey, we felt very fit and flu are also  is also good to stop  flu. I used to drink the honey one tablespoon of honey in the morning, while my husband prefers to drink at night.

I often get sores which had also no longer be a sprue that occur very often. I prefer Manuka honey because it is rather thick have completely natural sweetness of sweet honey, different with the sweetness of sugar.

My husband and me  consumed Manuka honey routinely since June 2006. And in January 2007 I found out that I was pregnant. Well, I was very happpy. We've been married 12 years and over  we are  waiting for a baby presence. I even three times gots  insemination by Dr . Andon Hestiantoro, Sp.OG,  at Yasmin Clinic, RSCM Jakarta. Doctors were surprised when I found out I was pregnant.

I experienced Unexplained infertility because after everything was checked, I found all is good, but I can’t figure why it failed. Doctors could recommend me to take an IVF program, but I once again bid for insemination. Insemination was conducted four times and it is surpasses maximum limit. I also took  enough rest during pregnancy hormonal medication from a doctor.

As long as I remain take Manuka honey, I'll always be healthy. If  I caught a flu during pregnancy, I was confused in taking the medication. Fortunately, the doctor allowed me to consume manuka honey during pregnancy . I gave birth through caesarean section because of the way has a  high risk, and I also was 39 years of age. What a happy, God send Tristan, and now he aged  two months.

In order to grow optimally, I give him breast milk exclusively. Therefore, since pregnant I am ready to stop working. Now  he is weighing 6 kg. Some time ago I had my throat feels uncomfortable. I fear the flu and it will  fearly transmitted  to Tristan. It was fitted out honey. Fortunately, Manuka honey can get my body healthier longer.

Now my husband and I remain routine in taking Manuka honey. It turned out that in addition to increasing endurance, Manuka honey is also beneficial in improving the performance of sperm and egg cells.

Tri Ernita
Now More Fit

Having profession as a technician at a printing makes me  to often travel overseas. Of course this makes easy to ease fatigue and stamina. My wife also complained headaches, unwell, sore throat almost daily, and she often went to the doctor.

Maybe because the condition of our bodies don’t  fit, three years of our marriage, we have never got a baby. In fact, we've tried to follow the insemination program up to Bangkok and Singapore. My wife is a  Thai people, so we were more stay in Bangkok.

One time a friend suggested m to take jelly remedy purely from New Zealand. Actually, the  product was  for my mother who suffered from diabetes mellitus. Because manuka royal jelly said can improve fertility,  so finally  I and my wife also   take it.

We drank two capsules at morning,  and other two capsules at night. Just a few days we took  royal jelly, my wife felt more refreshed and no longer had headaches. I also felt more fit and not get tired, though still working hard every day.

My mother's condition is also much better. The doctor said his blood glucose level is always under control. Therefore, mothers do not have too strict abstinence from this food again. Mom still controls her blood glucose level to a doctor, but not as often  as before anymore.

Amazingly, after four months of regular consumption of pure royal jelly from New Zealand, my wife is pregnant. Well, not playing good for us. Currently our son just turned a month. We give his name Pakachai , which means good fortune or win. Our attempt to fondle a baby ended with the victory.

Unfortunately royal jelly honey product that we can only be in Indonesia, so we had to buy in large quantities each time we come to Indonesia.

Desired Baby comes thanks to Exclusive Honey

My husband and I really want to have children, especially our marriage has entered the age of 6 years. The doctor stated that the two of us do not have any problem to get the descent. We tried various fertility drugs and herbs but did not show anything  in May, but in October when we both checked out our back to the doctor,unexpectedly  I was convicted pregnant and I declared my pregnancy when it already entered the age of 2 months.

Mrs Dewi, Nganjuk
Finally blessed baby

How happy my husband and I, when one day I found myself positively pregnant. Through practical test kits sold freely in the market, I checked myself for about 10 days had no menstruation. Sure enough, the device showed positive results, which meant I was pregnant. When next examined by gynecologists, the results are also completely positive.

Of course this is a miracle that happened in our family life. Because in the year of our marriage age, not yet visible signs of pregnancy. We are very grateful to God for His gift and we were very happy.

During the one year expected the attendance of baby, we hadn’t  seek treatment anywhere. One time my parents went to  a sinshe.  This Sinshe has relatives who have problems with fertility. And she managed to get pregnant after taking royal jelly and Manuka honey.

Based on that experience, my husband and I were interested in trying to consume royal jelly and Manuka honey. I drink  royal jelly capsule and Manuka honey twice daily. It was great, after about three months of eating, I'm pregnant.

Now  my pregnancy was four months aged. With sincerity I quit my job after this baby. Besides still consuming royal jelly and Manuka honey, I also really maintain my diet and rest, and thus  I feel more healthy.


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